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Ape Escape: On the Loose, known in Europe as Ape Escape P, and as Saru Get You P! in Japan (サルゲッチュ P!) is a remake of Ape Escape, and was released on the PlayStation Portable in 2005 ~ 2006. This new version features several changes since the initial release.


Based on the Ape Escape series, Ape Escape: On the Loose arrives on the PSP with multiplayer functionality and a variety of minigames. The new adventure begins when Specter–a monkey-turned-monster–and his army of monkeys travel back in time to change history and take over the world. Now it’s up to you to pursue Specter and capture more than 200 monkeys in eight different worlds, which span more than 20 levels.


Players traverse several different environments to advance through the game. For most of the game, players control Spike a boy tasked with pursuing and capturing the apes across time, preventing them from rewriting history. Players use various gadgets to pursue and capture the apes, such as the Stun Club, used as an offensive measure against enemies, and the Time Net, used to capture apes and transport them to present day.

Players also control vehicles throughout the game, including a rubber raft, which allows travel over water, and the water net, which assists in traversing underwater. The game’s controls are heavily centered around the analog sticks: the left stick is used to move players, while the right stick manipulates the various gadgets.

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Ape Escape
Developer(s) SCE Japan Studio
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Director(s) Masamichi Seki
Producer(s) Susumu Takatsuka
Takafumi Fujisawa
Designer(s) Kenkichi Shimooka
Shingo Matsumoto
Katsuyuki Kanetaka
Kenji Kaido
Hidekuni Sakai
Composer(s) Soichi Terada
Series Ape Escape
Platform(s) PlayStation, PlayStation Portable
Release PlayStation Portable

  • JP: March 17, 2005
  • NA: March 24, 2005
  • EU: May 5, 2006
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) Single-player

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