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B-Boy is Rhythm Dancing video game developed by FreeStyleGames and release in 2008 for Playstation Portable. B-Boy lets players experience one of the four pillars of hip-hop: breakdancing. By focusing on the competitive nature of b-boy battles, players are encouraged to use style and rhythm to succeed.


B-Boy allows you to battle through authentic Hip-Hop break-dancing culture, challenging the world’s best B-Boys on the world’s greatest B-Boy stages – and hopefully take home an in-game adidas sponsorship along the way. The first and only authentic break-dancing title on PSP stays true to the spirit of B-Boying thanks to the wireless functionality – giving you the freedom to battle on the move – anytime and anywhere – just as B-Boy competitions were meant to be. Featuring real life B-Boy characters, every in-game move is motion-captured from the experts, including moves taken from world famous Redbull athlete, “Crazy Legs”, who also acts as game MC and end of level boss.


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Game details

First release date
August 5, 2008
PlayStation Portable
Ubisoft Leamington
SouthPeak Interactive, LLC Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea
Action Music/Rhythm


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