Benefits of Information Technology During the Covid-19 Pandemic

It cannot be denied that technological developments in human life have many benefits. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, most people took advantage of it both in the world of education, business, and industry. Its role is very important in the world of education. Education if it doesn’t take advantage of information technology will certainly feel weaker. Maybe there are still many people who feel clueless about technological sophistication.


However, the covid-19 outbreak allows them to be able to access it properly. Of course, online learning that is currently being implemented can use a variety of sites. Like zoom, google meet, learning house, television, and others. Even though many feel constrained by this learning. But in the end, this learning could run smoothly.

Benefits of Information Technology During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The benefits of information technology can change the individual himself. Even the developments in information technology are so fast. We can get a lot of important information we need through online media. The most important thing, of course, must be connected to the internet network to make it easier for us to find the information.

Information technology provides convenience in the learning process

We as the young generation who were born during this digital era should be able to follow the development of the world of technology. Moreover, the presence of Covid-19 allows the world of education to implement online learning. From here a teacher must be able to adapt to providing learning material online.

Even as parents, they need to supervise their children during the learning process. Usually giving assignments can be given through online media. Where this online learning system is said to use one of the best applications, namely WhatsApp. Now teachers can send files in the form of videos, images, and even text. From here, parents should continue to monitor their children while studying. At least they can take the time to provide supervision to children.

As a student, he should be able to educate himself. Especially in terms of finding information through information technology. Moreover, from the results of the agreement, it turns out that learning at home needs to be applied during a pandemic. The most important thing in this learning system is that the internet network runs smoothly. So the learning and teaching process is no longer a hindrance.

From the research results, it has even been stated that Indonesian students are very familiar with information technology. So they are not only able to interact with social media but also be able to follow the existing learning system. It is said that Indonesian students managed to rank the highest as IT users. This is where the government’s decision to issue online learning rules is considered appropriate. It is even the best solution during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The rapid development of information and communication technology has indeed had a good impact on the world of education. This is because the online learning process allows students and teachers to access everything through online media. So the internet network problem seems to be the toughest obstacle that must be overcome. At least if the internet network is smooth, the online teaching and learning process will not be hindered. At least all parties must work together to facilitate the learning and teaching process.

The transition from face-to-face learning to online is quite fast. There are still many teachers who find it difficult to adapt to implementing the learning system. But over time all obstacles can be overcome. A teacher who plays an important role in the successful implementation of this learning must follow every rule. A teacher must be able to prepare material, provide material, and even assess each student via online media. So a teacher should understand everything about the learning system. You as the guardian of the students also have to direct the child on how to understand the material given. Especially in terms of completing the task.

An online learning system is the best solution during the Covid-19 pandemic

The world of education seems to have paused for a moment during the Covid-19 pandemic. The face-to-face learning process must temporarily be closed. However, the duration of the covid-19 outbreak allowed the government to implement the latest learning system. Where now online learning is the best solution.

The provision of the material was deliberately given through online media. There is even an application that is deliberately used as an option to facilitate these activities. The WhatsApp application is the best choice. Where a teacher can send material files and assignments to students.Although there are still some clueless students. At least if you get the guidance, of course, you can follow this latest learning system. Permendikbud even mentions that the learning pattern that needs to be changed is one-way learning patterns into interactive learning. Also, isolated learning patterns turn into networked learning, namely utilizing information and communication technology.

The use of information and communication technology in the world of education seems to be an obligation of educational units. Of course, as a learning solution that has been based on technology, it turns out to be able to bring about interactions between teachers and students. Moreover, this online system is considered the best learning system during the Covid -19 pandemic.

This technology-based learning solution must provide the best solution when a student needs direct learning. The hope is none other than that all students can understand every material that has been given online. Maybe as a teacher, he will experience difficulties in giving grades to his students. However, by giving assignments to students, the assessment can of course be done.

Although previously learning must be taken face to face. But the covid-19 outbreak requires all teachers to implement an online learning system. A teacher must even have the ability to master information and communication technology. They should be able to design learning content, manage learning resources, and even build student learning independence. What is certain is that many things must be mastered by a teacher so that the online learning system can run smoothly.

As long as the internet network has no obstacles, the teaching and learning process will be no longer a hindrance. Only by utilizing online technology media and other media will the learning activities of teachers and students continue well. The hope is none other than that the Covid-19 pandemic will end soon so that face-to-face learning can go on like it used to be. It takes a lot of adaptation to be able to follow this learning and teaching process online. Especially for those who are still clueless about advances in the world of technology. It takes a lot to learn to master all of them. But over time you will get used to everything there is. Especially in terms of monitoring the child’s learning process online.

As parents, we must be able to direct children on how to master the material and at the same time complete every task the teacher has given us. Don’t let your parents be indifferent so that the child’s learning process is even more hampered. Hopefully, this online learning system by utilizing information technology can run smoothly. Until finally the learning and teaching process was still ongoing even without meeting face to face.

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