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beyond good and evil


Beyond good and evil ps2 iso, In the future, on the planet Hillys, the population suffers from constant attacks from the alien DomZ. The situation is gradually getting worse, as the rate of DomZ kidnapings increase. The Alpha Section forces, who are in charge of protecting citizens, seem to be completely ineffective, not even fighting the DomZ. In the midst of this situation, the secretive organization IRIS alleges that the Alpha Section is involved in a massive government conspiracy, and seeks to expose the truth through journalism.

The player controls a young reporter and photographer named Jade with her companions Pey’j and Double H. After experiencing first-hand a DomZ attack, she is contacted by IRIS, who recruit her as an action reporter. Jade is now tasked with infiltrating the Alpha Section, exposing the government conspiracy, and ultimately finding the truth for herself.


Beyond Good & Evil
Developer(s) Ubisoft Pictures
Ubisoft Milan[1]
Ubisoft Shanghai (HD version)
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Director(s) Michel Ancel
Producer(s) Yves Guillemot
Designer(s) Michel Ancel
Sébastien Morin
Artist(s) Florent Sacré
Paul Tumelaire
Writer(s) Michel Ancel
Jacques Exertier
Composer(s) Christophe Héral
Engine Jade
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
November 11, 2003
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Mode(s) Single-player


Download Beyond Good & Evil PS2 ROM ISO High Compressed

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