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Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse is a 3D action-role-playing game set in the seventeenth century, where you play as Anna, a mysterious woman who must protect a village against the armies of the Shadow Lord, which are made up of vampires and other assorted creatures.

Gameplay is much like the Diablo series where you are assigned a quest in one of three villages, then accomplish it in one of three dungeons or one of three battlefields battling randomly-generated groups of monsters that drop random equipment based on a drop-rate formula. You improve your character through a slow progression of leveling up from experience points and finding better equipment or purchasing it from villagers. Each mission you accomplish improves the economy, research or military stats of the village you are doing it for, which is what determines which items they have available for purchase.


Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse
First release date
July 13, 2001
PlayStation 2
Metropolis Digital
Metro3D, Inc.
Action Role-Playing


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