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Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai (ドラゴンボールZ 真武道会Doragon Bōru Zetto Shin Budōkai, lit. “Dragon Ball Z: New Martial Arts Tournament”) is a fighting video game that was developed by Dimps, and was released worldwide throughout Spring 2006. It is part of the Budokai series of games and was released following Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. It is the first Dragon Ball Z game on the PlayStation Portable. Its sequel is Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai – Another Road.


The game also includes a brand new technique known as the “Aura Burst” which allows your character to move across the screen at high speed toward the opponent. When Bursting and pressing an attack button, you could dish out fast combos or blows that stun your opponent. Making long chain combos similar to the ones from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 which were more difficult at that time, but blocking was made slightly easier by using the Aura Burst as a canceler. Despite most of the criticism, Shin Budokai’s fighting system was deeper than initially expected due to several new indirect mechanics.

Training Mode

In this mode, you can practice battles with the CPU. You have to pick two characters to fight with, choose the battlefield, and set your health, starting ki, and check energy.

  • Health: The amount of health you wish to begin the fight with, which you can also set for the CPU (they do not have to be the same). There are 7 bars of health, each a different color.
  • Starting Ki: How much energy you want to begin the battle with. You can give yourself an advantage by setting the CPU’s Ki energy to low. There are 7 bars of Ki.
  • Check Energy: The amount of Ki needed to teleport behind the enemy to dodge his/her attack. For example, the original ki consumption for teleporting is 3 ki bars. The higher you make it, the more ki it consumes. The lower, the less ki it takes.

Network Battle Mode

This is the mode were you can have wireless multiplayer battles with your friends. Here, you can also add friends to your Profile Card, and view theirs as well. Every battle you win will raise your power level (shown on the main menu, on the Dragon Radar). It will also increase your Victory Ratio, which is displayed on your Profile Card.


In this mode, you select your character, and head out to battle. The objective of this mode is to collect all the Dragon Balls. Although, you do not get any wishes of your own, the characters ask the eternal dragon for something they want. You’ll fight 10 opponents in a row, and at certain points in the Arcade Mode, you’ll come across an opponent you’ll have a dialog scene with.

Time Attack

In this mode, located in Z trial, you’ll be asked to fight certain enemies as fast as possible. There are seven courses in total.

  • Course 1: Challenge Goku’s eternal friends and rivals! Fight Goku’s friends.
  • Course 2: Stops the rivals and enemies that stand in Goku’s way! Fight enemies of Goku.
  • Course 3: Burning soul behind a cool demeanor! Fight powerful characters.
  • Course 4: Even if you get beaten, keep training and get stronger! Fight Goku in all his transformations and fusions.
  • Course 5: The warriors who’ve exceeded their limits! Fight transformed characters.
  • Course 6: Fight for future peace! Fight even stronger characters.
  • Course 7: The legendary Super Saiyans Fighting Spirits! Batlle against the Saiyans.

Character Mod Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai Fukatsu PSP :

  • Goku super kaioken
  • Ssj4
  • Ssj god (red)
  • Sjj god (blue)
  • Vegeta normal
  • Majin vegeta 2
  • Majin vegeta 2
  • Ssj god 2 vegeta
  • Gohan fiture ssj 1-3
  • Gohan adult ssj 1-3
  • Ssg god gogeta
  • Ssj4 broly
  • Golder freza , golden armor cooler
  • Dark kid buu
  • Dar mystiic gohan dan demigra

Download Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2 MOD(Fukkatsu) PSP PPSSPP

Game details

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai
First release date
March 7, 2006
PlayStation Portable
Dimps Corporation
Atari SA Bandai Namco Entertainment
Fantasy Sci-Fi Anime Martial Arts
Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Dragon Ball

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