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Downhill Domination


Downhill Domination is a racing game where the player rides a bike and tries to win downhill races. This means that the player constantly moves downwards while avoiding obstacles and – if he is in range – hit an opponent to hinder his progress. The main objective is of course to be the first one to cross the finishing line but prize money is also rewarded for stunts – opportunities for them are plentiful on the 27 courses. An important point about them is that they are branching, meaning they feature multiple paths and shortcuts.

Cash is used to improve the athlete’s abilities, e.g. new combat moves, or to buy better equipment and bikes. Besides the career mode there are also multiple additional playing modes, e.g. training, multiplayer, freeride, time trials or BMX Cross with special challenges. The athletes, bikes and upgrades are licensed.


Downhill Domination
First release date
July 22, 2003
PlayStation 2
Incognito Entertainment
Sports Driving/Racing


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