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Download Kirby & the Amazing Mirror for GBA

download Kirby and the Amazing Mirror gba


Download Kirby & the Amazing Mirror GBA, is set out in a Metroid-style manner. The game features one sprawling overworld that players gradually uncover as they progress through the game. It’s also possible to discover hidden treasure chests that show the player the overworld layouts, life bar extensions, different colors for Kirby, and unlockable music and sound effects.

Amazing Mirror uses the familiar ‘suck-in and copy’ mechanic of other Kirby games, but the addition of having four players able to co-operate simultaneously can make the game easier or more difficult – depending on the situation. There are also three mini-games to play via the Game Boy Advance Single-Cart Multiplayer feature.


Name: Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
Genre: Action, Platformer
Country: USA
Console: GBA (Gameboy Advance)


Download Kirby & the Amazing Mirror ROM for GBA

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