Pokemon Blazed Glazed v1.3 Patched Rom for GBA

Download Pokemon Blazed Glazed for GBA


Pokemon Blazed Glazed is an improved version of Pokemon Glazed with some noticeable difference. In the game, Riolu evolves at level 25 instead of by friendship. Eevee can now evolve as Def-Eevee (Defensive) and alternatively Off-Eevee (offensive), Eevee can also evolve to Vaporeon (water stone), Umbreon (moon stone), Leafeon (Leaf stone), or Sylveon (Sun Stone). Eevee-Off evolves into Jolteon (thunderstone), Flareon (fire stone), Espeon(sunstone), or Glaceon (Moon Stone).


Name: Pokemon Blazed Glazed
Type: GBA
Hack of: Emerald
Language: English
Version: Version 1.3
Updated: March 19 2017
Credit: tudou


  • New moves from Generations 4-6
  • Plenty of changes regarding Pokemon
  • Movesets and rosters given a complete overhaul
  • New Pokemon
  • Stat changes
  • Movepool additions
  • Typing changes
  • Altered wild distributions


Download Pokemon Blazed Glazed Hack ROM for GBA

GoogleDrive | Upfile [8MB]


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