Pokemon Eternal Snow v2.0 (Completed) Patched Rom for GBA

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This game has 18 different types of Gym and 3 Leagues. At the beginning, you will see a special area. The first League is the same as Emerald; the second league is N league, he will use five kind of weather team, they are sandstorm, sunny, rainy, snowy and regular team.The third League is a five continuous battle, you cannot relax until you win or loss in this whole battleIn this game, you can get Eevee at the beginning only, and Eevee can evolve into different forms when you level up on different planets. You can get two Pokeballs before you catch it, these two balls are hidden at the beginning of city.


Name: Pokemon Eternal Snow
Hack of: Emerald
Language: English
Status: Completed
Version: V2.0 (Completed)
Updated: December 2 2016
Source: Reshiram white as snow – PokeCommunity


  • Three rounds with 18 different types of gyms and 3 leagues
  • 672 Pokémon, along with new stats, evolutions, movesets, Dex entries, sprites, and cries
  • Fairy-type
  • All 8 Eevee evolutions
  • 4 Evolutionary items- Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, and Shiny Stone, Link Cable
  • New Evolution Methods- Map Name Evolution, Move Name Evolution, etc.
  • No trade evolutions
  • 100+ new moves, along with some new move animations, new descriptions and move effects
  • Old moves have been updated, some with edited powers, accuracy, and/or effects
  • Reusable TMs, so no worrying about losing any
  • Run in buildings
  • Gain EXP on capturing
  • New regions after first League- Mars, Venus, Pluto and etc.
  • New trainers in the second and third world
  • Day and night system


Download Pokemon Eternal Snow Hack ROM for GBA

GoogleDrive | Upfile [11MB]



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