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Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai (ドラゴンボールZ 真武道会 Doragon Bōru Zetto Shin Budōkai, lit. “Dragon Ball Z: New Martial Arts Tournament”) is a fighting video game that was developed by Dimps, and was released worldwide throughout Spring 2006. It is part of the Budokai series of games and was released following Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. It is the first Dragon Ball Z game on the PlayStation Portable. Its sequel is Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai – Another Road.


The Budokai series plays like a typical 3-D fighting game. As well as including the regular punch and kick buttons, there is the ability to shoot Ki blasts, which can also be used in specific special moves. The special moves are mainly taken from individual characters’ own special moves from the show; including, but not limited to, Goku’s Kamehameha, Vegeta’s Galick Gun and Frieza’s Death Beam. Although these mechanics have stuck with the series, other ideas such as the “Hyper Mode” the ability to move at incredible speeds, fly freely, and “Beam Struggles” between two characters’ beam attacks. were later replaced in favour of other techniques.

Download Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai PSP PPSSPP

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

North American cover art of the first Budokai game
Genres Fighting
Developer(s) Dimps
  • JP / EU: Bandai
  • NA / AUS: Infogrames

(Budokai PlayStation 2)

  • NA / AUS: Atari, Inc.

(Budokai 2-onwards)

Platforms PlayStation 2
PlayStation Portable
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Platform of origin PlayStation 2
Year of inception 2002
First release Dragon Ball Z: Budokai
November 2, 2002
Latest release Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection
November 2, 2012

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