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Dynasty Warriors (真・三國無双 Shin Sangoku Musō, Shin Sangokumusou in Japan) is a game in the Dynasty Warriors series for the PlayStation Portable, created by the game development company Koei. This game was released on December 16, 2004 in Japan and as a launch title on March 16, 2005 in North America, and September 1, 2005 in Europe.


While gameplay mechanics and controls are largely the same, battlefields are segmented into small, separate squares due to the PSP’s limitations. Unlike the mainstream titles, characters do not retain stat growth and weapon levels after each fight. Instead, their stats are derived from the officers serving under them. Musou Mode is completely straightforward with 5 stages per faction, though the choice of battles varies between unaffiliated characters.

Entering a hostile square means fighting enemy troops until their morale or fighting spirit (which can span up to 8 gauges) gradually wears down; the process can be hastened by eliminating as many enemies as possible or utilizing certain skills. Likewise, the player’s fighting spirit dwindles if they lose allies or remain idle. Should it plummet completely, the battle will end in failure and all deployed officers will be lost. The arrival of reinforcements is essential to keep morale high enough for the player to survive, especially in higher difficulty settings.

When taking a square from an enemy officer, the player must dwindle the opposing side’s morale to a specific amount before they can appear; if their subordinates have been defeated beforehand, they will respawn together with the officer leading them. This rule does not apply to officers invading the player’s squares as they will always be present during the attack. Defeated officers spawn in forts periodically which may help or hinder the player depending on how much territory they currently have.

Download Dynasty Warriors PSP PPSSPP

Dynasty Warriors
Cover art of Dynasty Warriors, featuring Gan Ning (In the foreground) and Zhen Ji (In the background).

Box art of Dynasty Warriors, featuring Gan Ning and Zhenji.
Developer(s) Omega Force
Publisher(s) Koei
Director(s) Kenichi Ogasawara
Series Dynasty Warriors
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
  • JP: December 16, 2004
  • NA: March 16, 2005
  • EU: September 1, 2005[1]
Genre(s) Hack and slash
Mode(s) Single-player

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