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The gameplay has seen substantial changes from past iterations, borrowing some mechanics from its online game Final Fantasy XI. Instead of fighting random encounters, players have have the ability to run around freely and see their enemies roaming the horizon in real-time, picking and choosing which ones they’ll fight.

The game revolves around the Active Time Battle turn-based system with timed bars filling up for each character’s next action. Most combat can happen automatically using the gambit system, but a more traditional menu can also be brought such that players can choose from a variety of actions, including Magicks, Technicks, Items, and Mist attacks.


Final Fantasy XII
First release date
March 16, 2006
PlayStation 2
Square Enix Basiscape Square Visual Works
Square Enix Ubisoft Entertainment Square Enix Ltd. Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea
Role-Playing Action-Adventure
Fantasy Steampunk
Final Fantasy Ivalice Alliance
FFXII FF12 Final Fantasy 12 Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System Final Fantasy 12: International Zodiac Job System Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age


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