For Beginners, Here Are Tips For Playing Mobile Legend To Become A Pro

Until now, the Mobile Legend game is still a game that is often played by many people. Even in every corner of the country, there are almost Mobile Legend players as beginners or professionals. Below we will explain tips and tricks for playing Mobile Legend to make it better. As known, Mobile Legend itself is a MOBA genre game. This game contains 10 players who are divided into 2 teams and compete with each other to destroy each other’s bases and defend their respective bases.

Tips For Playing Mobile Legend To Become A Pro

Before playing, the players must know how to play properly. So that you don’t experience losing streaks. Therefore, it is not uncommon for these players to complain because this game is so difficult. The Mobile Legend game itself has 8 levels that players must achieve. The ranks that fall into the lower categories such as Elite, Master, and Grandmaster. Then the intermediate levels are Epic and Legend. Whereas with the highest tier there is Mythic and Mythical Glory. At the beginning of the game, players will enter into the elite ranks. If you often win then you will go to the next tier, namely Master and Grandmaster. Then the middle tier or the level of difficulty increases, there are Epic and Legend. Then there is the tier whose class has been filled by pro players, namely Mythic and Mythical Glory.

All average pro players were at this level The Mobile Legend game itself has been released in 2016 and has been present in Indonesia for almost 3 years. The appearance of this game made many great players and even amateur to professional tournaments scatter. For you who are beginners, don’t worry. Because you will not be far from your friends. The reason is, here will be discussed about tips and tricks for playing Mobile Legend, so that you can become proficient in playing MOBA genre games. Among others are :

  1. You Master One Hero For beginners

Many people don’t know about the skills that exist in heroes in Mobile Legend. Therefore, you must master one hero and his skills. The hero you use is what you think is easy to use. Including using skills against enemies. Then in trying to use the hero, you can try it through an easy method. The first method is to play in classic mode and the second method is to use brawl mode. Besides, you can also enter Custom Mode and practice clients to learn hero skills. If you have mastered one hero, then slightly increase your game in another mode, namely ranked. You can try it with your friends to be able to fight enemies with the skills you have.

  1. Can Set Build Item (Equipment)

After mastering one of the heroes, you must know how to manage to build items on heroes in Mobile Legend. For example, when using a Mage hero, make sure you always buy magic and attack items. With this build, your damage will be even greater when attacking your opponent. You can use the build item which is located in the lower-left corner that says Prep. After that enter the Equipment. Only then can you use the build item recommendations from the pro players or arrange the build as you like.

  1. Don’t Play Alone or Laning alone

For beginners, don’t play this game alone.Especially when the game has reached the end or late game. This is because this game requires teamwork in achieving a victory by destroying the opponent’s base. For the record, don’t let you play alone but then be attacked by your opponent. This will make your friends lose when the war, 4 vs 5.

  1. Read the mini-map and pay attention to the surroundings

Always pay attention to the mini-map when playing Mobile Legend. By using the mini-map, you can see the surroundings. The mini-map is in the upper left corner. You must always pay attention to the mini-map to be able to find out the state of teammates, opponents, jungle monsters, then lords or turtles. Besides, the mini-map also has many benefits. Because by using a mini-map, it can help you and your friends determine when to attack and when to retreat.

  1. Upgrade Emblem

After choosing a hero to use, you should level up or upgrade the emblem on that hero. Thus, you can increase the strength of the hero. For example, when using the Lapu-Lapu hero, the player must upgrade the fighter emblem. If you are a newbie, usually only a few emblems are open. Marksman and Support emblems open when your Mobile Legend level is high. There are several ways to replace an unopened emblem with an already open emblem. For example, the Marksman emblem can be replaced with the Physical emblem. Then the Support emblem can be replaced with a Physical emblem or a Mage emblem. The higher your emblem level, the greater the damage that the hero will incur.

  1. Don’t AFK or Quit the Game

Don’t get AFK when playing. AFK stands for Away From Keyboard which is the name for players who leave the game and don’t return. If you do this, you will get a penalty in the form of a reduced credit score. So, your credit score is no longer 100. If you often do AFK, then your credit score will decrease. Because there is a credit score benchmark that makes you unable to play in rank mode. So, make sure you continue to be at a Credit Score of 100.

  1. Pay attention when attacking the opponent’s turret

Don’t hit the turret carelessly, including when there are no creeps or minions around. If there are no minions, then you will be hit back by the turret and have an impact on death. So, don’t die silly just because you are hit by the turret.

  1. Watch Live Streaming Pro Player on the Mobile Legend Game

Apart from the method above, there is one way that is quite powerful. This method can add knowledge in playing Mobile Legend, the way is by watching live streaming in the game. There are so many pro players who show their best games. So, don’t waste the live streaming. It is recommended that you watch as well as learn how pro players play. You can even practice it in the game immediately.

Those are some tips and tricks for playing Mobile Legend for those of you who are newbies or beginners. Make sure your internet connection is stable and good when playing games. Because the internet connection is not stable, then you will experience lag and have an impact on your game.

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