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Front Mission 4 is a turn based strategy game where the plot switches between two different theaters of operation: Elsa and Darril. Controlling the wanzer forces of either character, the story progresses simultaneously. Most battles take place on an overhead map divided into a Player phase and an Enemy phase. Typically a wanzer can move once and use his remaining Action Points (AP) to fire on the enemy or use an ability.

Success in battle earns Experience Points, which are traded in for new abilities, such as Rapid Fire or Evasion bonuses. Each character has a set limit of Skill slots, which are filled up differently by abilities. While each character starts with a preference in skills, there is no limitation on what any pilot can learn. Money, found during on the map (along with items) or earned after a successful battle, can be used to upgrade wanzers and purchase new weapons.


Front Mission 4
First release date
June 15, 2004
PlayStation 2
Square Enix
Square Enix
Strategy Role-Playing


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