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G-Force based on the movie, which takes place after the team escapes from the pet store, Juarez and Blaster’s new home, and Kip and other FBI agents, gives players the ability to play as Darwin and Mooch to fight against Leonard Saber, the evil billionaire and his robot “household appliances” army.


A team of guinea pigs who have secret lives as spies are trying to prevent a billionaire with too much power and money, trying to take over the world by turning household appliances into killer robots.

The RDV is found on several levels of the game and is the G-Force team’s primary means of transport into and out of mission areas. It is effectively three hamster balls connected together with the latest technology and is able to reach highway getaway speeds.

Download G-Force PSP PPSSPP

Game details

First release date
July 21, 2009
PlayStation PortablePlayStation 2Xbox 360PlayStation 3WiiNintendo DSPCPlayStation Network (PSP)
Eurocom Entertainment Software
Disney InteractiveNoviy Disk
5/5 (1)

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