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Hannah Montana Rock Out The Show games were released on August 4, 2009 in North America. In the game, Robbie Ray gets sick, so Hannah has to manage her new tour around the world. The player must create the stages, select the songs, and dress Hannah. The song list includes 11 songs, with some new ones, from the third season. The player must play rhythm-based games, while Hannah sings the songs.


Hannah Montana fans have the chance to live out their pop star dreams with Rock Out The Show, because not only do you get to star in it as the Disney Channel’s slick chick, you also get the chance to design each of Hannah Montana’s spectacular rock shows.


With the drums, you’re required to tap both the L and R buttons in time to the beat, while the guitar riffs use a combination of the X, Circle, Square, Triangle and directional buttons. Lastly, playing the piano is controlled by using the X, Circle and Triangle buttons. As you match the beats with the button taps you’ll see a colourful vine form around the edges of the screen before being greeting by a butterfly icon that fills with light to show you how successfully you have been performing to your fans.

Download Hannah Montana Rock Out The Show PSP PPSSPP

Game details

Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show
First release date
August 4, 2009
PlayStation Portable PlayStation Network (PSP)
Page 44 Studios
Disney Interactive

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