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indiana jones and the staff of kings


In this newest 3D Indiana Jones adventure, the famed archaeologist finds himself once again searching for “fortune and glory” by seeking the fabled Staff of Kings, the staff that Moses used to part the Red Sea.  Set in 1939, Indy’s adventures take him across the globe through areas such as San Francisco, Istanbul, Odin and Panama, and he races against time to find the religious artifact before the Nazis do.

The game features highly interactive backgrounds (called “Hot Sets”) that allow Indiana Jones to utilize a large number of items and environments that are used to subdue his foes. In addition to his whip, Indy can use his revolver to take out foes in an arcade style shooting mode, and ride vehicles or animals in certain action sequences. Quick Time Events also make up certain action and chase moments, requiring quick timing to get through perilous situations. Multi-player modes are also available, allowing players to re-enact scenes from the movies, or battle against each other.


Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings
First release date
June 9, 2009
PlayStation 2
LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC, Behaviour Interactive
LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC
Platformer, Action-Adventure
Alternate Historical


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