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Lord of Apocalypse English Patch is a Monster Hunter-like game and is the sequel to Lord of Arcana. The plot is similar to it’s predecessor: A human who can wield the power of the Arcana must retrieve the seven fragments of the Arcana Stone and become the Vermillion Lord. Along this quest, the hero will have to face and stop a dark entity who is swallowing worlds.

The game also plays a lot like Lord of Arcana. There are however several differences: new elements are available, there are more customization options for the hero creation, the enemies can be fought head-on, without having to touch them to engage in battle, and dropped items don’t need to picked-up manually; simply moving close to them sends the items in the inventory. The Quick Time events from the previous game are still there, but they are not necessary to defeat the bosses. They are rather an opportunity to collect rarer materials by destroying some monster parts. The visual style is also less realistic, some cut-scenes are even cell-shaded. Mercenaries, one of which can be set to resurrect the hero when needed, can now be hired to aid the hero in his quest.


Like in other hunting games, the various weapons allow a variety of combo attacks, but magic can be cast in the middle of a combo. Weapons and armors are crafted with the various materials gathered from the different enemies and bosses. Different quests are available to power up the hero and gather resources.

Download Lord of Apocalypse English Patch PSP ISO

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Game details

Lord of Apocalypse
First release date
December 17, 2012
PlayStation Portable PlayStation Network (PSP) PlayStation Vita PlayStation Network (Vita)
Square Enix Access Games
Square Enix


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