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Metal Slug XX (メタルスラッグ XX), was released on December 23, 2009 in Japan and North America on February 23, 2010 by Atlus for the PlayStation Portable.


Metal Slug XX for PSP system is the new addition to the famed Metal Slug series that captures all the glory of the arcade experience and more. Classic Metal Slug characters return to take on General Morden and his new and improved Rebel Army. With its unmistakable style and personality, nostalgic gameplay, 70 unlockable missions, and the ability to play with a friend, it is the definitive portable Metal Slug experience.


There are seven levels and three difficulties: Beginner, Normal and Hard. Metal Slug 7 uses the Nintendo DS touchscreen as a map of the level, making it easier for the player to look at the level and where to get power ups or captured prisoners. The usual weapons make their return from the series including a new weapon called “Thunder Shot”, which fires a homing electric blast to the enemy. New to Metal Slug XX is downloadable content which includes the addition of Leona Heidern from The King of Fighters series as a playable character.

Download Metal Slug XX PSP PPSSPP

Metal Slug XX
Developer(s) SNK Playmore
Publisher(s) Nintendo DS

  • JP: SNK Playmore
  • NA: Ignition Entertainment
  • AU: All Interactive Distribution

PlayStation Portable

  • JP: SNK Playmore
  • NA: Atlus USA
  • EU: Namco Bandai Partners

Xbox Live Arcade
SNK Playmore

Composer(s) Toshikazu Tanaka
Series Metal Slug
Platform(s) Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 4, Xbox Live Arcade
Release Metal Slug XX

PlayStation Portable

  • JP: December 23, 2009
  • NA: February 23, 2010
  • EU: June 25, 2010
Genre(s) Run and gun
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer


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