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Platypus is a horizontal scrolling shooter game created by Anthony Flack. The player flies an antiquated spacecraft (the last of the fictional F-27 Platypus fleet) and attempts to defend the peaceful country of Mungola from neighboring Colossatropolis, which has become so overcrowded that its inhabitants are taking over Mungola for space and resources. The game consists of four levels, with five areas per level and a strong boss enemy that must be defeated at the end of the fifth area. The player can collect power-ups that affect the type and firing rate of the ship’s weapons, equip auxiliary cannons, or activate defensive shields.


Platypus puts you right in the middle of the action in this ground-breaking side-scrolling shooter game. Guide your ship, Platypus, through 30 challenging and action-packed levels, destroying everything in your path.


Download Platypus PSP PPSSPP

  • Squashy Software
  • BitRabbit (mobile)
  • MumboJumbo (PSP)[1]
  • Idigicon (Windows, OS X)
  • Retro64 (digital)
  • Handmark (mobile)
  • KISS ltd (Steam)
Designer(s) Anthony Flack
  • Microsoft Windows
  • OS X
  • PlayStation Portable
  • Windows Phone
  • Palm OS
  • BlackBerry
  • Symbian
  • iPhone
  • Xbox 360
May 14, 2002
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, 2 player Co-op

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