Read the passage.
(1) The titan arum is a plant native to Indonesia that looks like a huge green and purple lily with a giant finger sticking out of the center. (2) The familiar name is bunga bangkai, a name that means "corpse flower." (3) When the flower opens, it has an unusual pollination method: it only blooms every seven to twenty years, and when it opens, it releases a rotting-meat smell. (4) In fact, when scientists analyzed the chemicals inside the plant, they found compounds that smell like Limburger cheese, rotting fish, sweaty socks, sharp floral scents, and mothballs. (5) Using these smells, the odor is meant to attract flesh-eating insects, such as dung and carrion beetles, which pollinate the flower. (6) Once the flower dies, a giant leaf grows to about six feet tall. (7) When the plant has stored up enough energy, which takes between seven and twenty years, it flowers again.

Which two sentences properly introduce the passage?
A. Some plants produce poison as a way to protect themselves from predators.
B. For obvious reasons, the titan arum has not been cultivated much throughout history.
C. Pollination, photosynthesis, and respiration are three fundamental processes that most plants experience.
D. Most plants are pollinated, but some species use an unusual method to attract their pollinators: a foul odor.
E. The flower of the titan arum has such a beautiful appearance that it is able to attract pollinators despite its horrible odor.
F. Earth is home to thousands of plant species, and many of them undergo bizarre biological processes in order to reproduce.
G. Every plant is a product of its ecosystem, and specific conditions affect its biology, including its appearance, its texture, and its taste.

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