Direction: Choose the correct word or phrase from the
given alternatives.
1. One of the following is not among the key features of unplanned urbanization.
A. Monitored land use change
B. Environmental degradation
C. Unregulated urban growth
D. Urban sprawl
2. Which of the following best describes the characteristics of African
A. Infrastructure development is in pace with rapid urban growth
B. Inadequate and poorly planned expansion of cities
C. Fast growth of employment opportunities
D. Indigenous urbanization and social stability
3. The pull factors of migration in Africa at the place of destination includes all
of the following except;
A. Conflicts and political instability
B. Better job opportunities
C. Better infrastructure
D. Better quality of education and health services
4. Which of the following was not among the major characteristics of migratory
movements in Africa?
A. It involved both voluntary and forced migration
B. It was influenced by the external forces
C. It was limited by a political boundary
D. It contributed to the present-demographic landscape of Africa
5. Coastal pollution in Africa becomes one of the major environmental challenges
due to;
A. Africa's fast development in wetland ecosystem
B. Discharge of municipal and industrial wastes
C. Improvement in waste management infrastructure
D. Improvement in per-capita income of households
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