idlengemabala secondary school awards top achievers since 2018 (awarding the best learners).the 2018 ,2022,and 2023 best learners were among the top 100 in a the mpumalanga province. i.e years 2018 2019 2020 2022 2023 , name (2018)khoza S (average%) 83%,(2019)sambo P (average %) 77%,(2020)mlambo V (average %) A,(2021)mahlalela K (average%) 68%,(2022)zwane T(average %)78%,(2023)mabila N (average %)77% . 2.1. determine the missing value A if the range of the average percentage is 22% (note the value of A is the lowest average percentage) / 2.2 find the median of average percentage of best learner /2.3 show that the best learner average percentage mean it's 74% / 2.4 Give the modal average percentage, and compare with the median / 2.5 Use the information above of best learner to determine the probability (as decimal) of randomly a learner appeared in top 100 of the province.​

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