When delivering a shock from the AED you should
make sure you are not touching the person receiving
the shock?

Answer :


if you were to touch the person while they were receiving the AED, you would be electricuted. The AED machine is shocking their body. any other contact with human and theyll get shocked too. This happens because humans are made out of 60-80% water. Electricity can travel through water like it does metal wires. humans are a conductor. It is safe to touch the person after the AED machine has stopped.





Before delivering an electrical shock when advised from an automated external defibrillator (AED), it is important to loudly say "clear!" and visibly assess that no rescuers are making physical contact with the patient or their clothing. This is because the AED is delivering a shock at an energy level much higher than what humans are used to and at a fairly high voltage, enough to reset the electrical activity in the heart. This means the current can travel through the machine, through the patient, and into any rescuers still touching the patient, possibly incapacitating the rescuer via electric shock.

If the voltage is high enough, electrocution of the rescuer may also occur, which means there are now two patients in need to emergency services.

Therefore, it is important to make sure no one is touching the person receiving shock when delivering one from the AED, making the given statement true.

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