Part A
According to "PRO/CON: Is Binge-Watching a Harmless Pleasure or a Harmful Addiction?," what is an effect of binge-watching?
O It might make viewers less interested in continuing to watch certain shows.
It provides viewers an experience unlike any other entertainment form can.
O Binge-watching multiple episodes draws people into more complicated story lines.
O Binge-watching can make television shows more difficult to understand.
Part B-Points depend on a correct response in Part A.
Which detail from "PRO/CON: Is Binge-Watching a Harmless Pleasure or a Harmful Addiction?" best supports the answer to Part A
O "Also, the viewer won't have time between episodes to really think about the show."
"In a binge-watching society, we lose the pleasure of looking forward to and guessing about what will happen next."
O "One study found that binge-watching lowered levels of sustained memory."
O "As a result, shows made for binge-watching can be more complex than shows meant to be watched week by week."

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