There are 52 lines in this poem. The poem is numbered
every 5 lines
And let us slip
Nursery Rhyme
Shut your eyes then
Out of the city rain
Into a special ship,
Call her the Pilgrim
Set sail and go
Over the world's rim
To where Rousseau
Discovered a jungle
of indigo trees,
A marvelous tangle
Precise oranges,
Tigers with dreaming eyes,
Larger and larger flowers,
Leaves of gigantic size-
Wander for hours
Under a crimson sun
In a pale milky sky
With a vermillion
Lizard near by.
And over it all
Select two statements that best describe how Rousseau contributes to events in
the poem.
1. He draws the speaker and listener as figures in his jungle art.
2. He explores the jungle to discover unusual plants and animals.
3. He spies on the speaker and listener to learn the motives for their visit.
4. He celebrates the fulfillment of his dream to have people visit his jungle.
5. He is responsible for creating the world that the speaker and listener

Answer :

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