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2.6. Explain how experimental research is conducted and identify this method's key strengths and
Which of the following are examples of the experimental method?
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A researcher sifts through data about divorce rates and gas prices, looking for a correlation.
A researcher deliberately drops a wallet in a public place and observes the reactions of
A researcher poses as a store clerk and documents several varieties of shoplifting behavior over
a period of time.
A researcher compares the attitudes of two focus groups after each group watches a corporate
training video. One video
has sexist content and the other does not.

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Experimental research involves manipulating variables for causal inferences, offering control but raising ethical concerns. Examples include dropping a wallet in public and comparing focus group attitudes.


Experimental research involves actively manipulating variables to observe the effect on another variable, allowing for causal inferences. A key strength is the control over conditions, facilitating replication, while a weakness can be ethical concerns in manipulating variables.

Examples of the experimental method include a researcher observing reactions after deliberately dropping a wallet in public, or comparing attitudes of focus groups exposed to different training videos.

Experimental method, strengths, weaknesses, examples

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