15 NSC QUESTION 8 (Start on a new page.) resistance of 0,5 Q connected to three resistors, a light bulb, a switch, an amrimeter and The circuit diagram below shows a battery with an emf of 12 V and an internal connecting wires. The ammeter and connecting wires have negligible resistance. 12 V 0,5 Ω R₁ = 10 Q RL= = 10 Ω R₂ = 10 Q S 8.1 State Ohm's law in words. Switch S is initially CLOSED. 8.2 Calculate the: 8.2.1 Total external resistance of the circuit Reading on the ammeter 8.2.2 8.2.3 Power dissipated by resistor R3 R3 = 15 Q​

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