Develop the paragraph into a multi-paragraph report on the topic. At a minimum, try to have your
report include an opening paragraph, a supporting paragraph and a closing paragraph.
Despite public and private attempts to control it, unsolicited email commonly referred to as spam
continues to plague Internet users. One Internet service provider blocks over 2 billion emails that
are sent to its subscribers each day. Unfortunately, billions more elude detection by anti-spam
software, clogging the Internet with unwanted traffic. The largest Internet providers are
collaborating with legislators to enact tough laws and penalties for spammers, the originators of the
unsolicited mail. Using technology to escape detection, few spammers have been caught and
convicted under laws. As it stands, all of these efforts have failed to control the continuing growth of
Type your multi-paragraph report. Note that the response will not be graded. However, you
will see a sample response when you submit your own.
Hint: Develop the topic sentence into an opening paragraph. Expand each supporting sentence into
a supporting paragraph. Use the concluding sentence of the paragraph to develop a concluding