Grade 11
Source: CNN.2022.
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'I will die for my community': Taxi drivers fight back against looters
Taxi drivers guarding Vosloorus Mall, on Gauteng's East Rand, opened fire on
looters with live ammunition. Members of the Katlehong People's Taxi Association
have taken it upon themselves to protect malls around their communities.
According to members, a group of 500 taxi drivers have mobilised to defend malls
in the area.
A 13-year-old boy was killed during a skirmish between taxi drivers and a mob of
looters trying to burn down Vosloorus Mall. Vusi Dlamini was killed during the
crossfire. Two other dead people were found in the area.
Mineral resources minister Gwede Mantashe, visited his former ward and urged
people to protect their own infrastructure. As the situation remains
tense, a large
police presence continues to monitor the area.
3.1 Give the definition of the term 'public participation'.
(1X2) (2)
3.2 State TWO reasons why public participation is an important factor in
upholding the democracy of South
(2X1) (2)
3.3 Explain how the violent actions of the looters and the taxi drivers
may have harmed the community.
(1X2) (2)