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A software company collects data on its customers, employees, communities, and shareholders to determine the firm's impact on these
groups. The firm sets goals for the next year based on its discoveries. The software company then releases an impact report relaying the
insights from this data and the company's goals moving forward. Which of the following orientations does this set of activities exemplify?
a. A market orientation
b. A customer orientation
c. A stakeholder orientation
d. A shareholder orientation

Answer :

Final answer:

The software company's activities showcase a stakeholder-oriented approach, focusing on balancing the interests of various stakeholders for long-term success.


Stakeholder orientation is exemplified by the software company's activities described. In this approach, the company considers not only shareholders but also customers, employees, and communities when setting goals and releasing impact reports.

By collecting data on various groups and setting goals based on their impact, the company showcases a commitment to balancing the interests of all stakeholders. This orientation emphasizes the importance of considering the diverse needs and contributions of those affected by the company's operations.

Through engaging stakeholders in goal-setting and impact assessments, the company demonstrates a focus on sustainable relationships and achieving long-term success by addressing the interests of all involved parties.

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