Examine the scenario.
Objects A and B are magnets. The north pole of Object A is placed next to the south pole of object B.
Which choice most accurately describes the interaction of these two poles?
O The poles will repel because magnets can only repel each other.
O They will repel because opposite poles repel.
O The poles will have no effect on each other because the poles are opposite.
O They will attract because opposite poles attract.

Answer :

Final answer:

When opposite poles of magnets are placed near each other, they attract due to denser magnetic field lines. Unlike poles attract while like poles repel, following the principle of magnetic pairs.


When two magnets with opposite poles (N and S or S and N) are placed next to each other, they will attract each other due to the magnetic field lines becoming denser between the poles, resulting in an attractive force.

This phenomenon is a fundamental property of magnets where unlike poles attract, while like poles repel. This aligns with the concept that magnetic poles always exist in pairs of north and south poles.

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