TERM 2 2024
4.1 Learners are required to conduct an interview with FOUR members of the community to
investigate how they view gender
-based violence.
Each learner must complete a questionnaire responding to all five questions below.
Use ANNEXURE A to record responses.
All evidence must be attached to the Research Project.
Each interviewee must complete a questionnaire responding to all 6 questions below.
Learners should also consult the Assessment Rubric, ANNEXURE C, for 4.1
Guided interview questions
1. What do you understand about gender-based violence?
2. Are there incidents of gender violence that you have ever witnessed in your community?
3. In your own opinion, why is gender-based violence always associated with women and
4. Explain how gender-based violence may affect the victims.
5. Explain how social media can influence gender-based violence.
6. What do you think communities can do to fight gender-based violence in South Africa.

Answer :

Final answer:

Gender-based violence is a complex societal concern with diverse impacts. Community involvement is key to addressing this issue effectively.


Understanding Gender-Based Violence and Community Responses

Gender-based violence is a critical societal issue that has far-reaching implications on individuals and communities. Through discussions and research, societies can identify prevalent stereotypes and challenges affecting their response to this issue. Creating alternate settings involves community engagement, providing social support, and breaking barriers to effectively address gender-based violence.

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