In Act 2 Scene 5: Isabel visits Wapadsberg Pass as directed by Thami. She is on top of
Wapadsberg pass, paying her last respects to Mr M. She is on the mountain where Mr. M's
teacher talked to him about books as a child. It is the place where he (Mr M) aspired to
become a teacher.
Imagine you are Isabel. Write TWO Diary Entries about Your feelings, thought and
expectations BEFORE and AFTER the Wapadsberg experience. The first entry must indicate
your feelings, thoughts and expectations before the Wapadsberg experience, and the
second entry must express your feelings, thoughts and expectations after the Wapadsberg
Your response should be 80-100 words in length

Answer :

Final answer:

Isabel's diary entries detail her feelings and thoughts before and after the Wapadsberg experience where she pays respects to Mr. M and learns about his aspirations.


Isabel's Diary Entry Before Wapadsberg Experience: Before visiting Wapadsberg Pass, I felt a mix of curiosity and apprehension about uncovering Mr. M's past and his aspirations. I was eager to learn more but also anxious about what I might discover.

Isabel's Diary Entry After Wapadsberg Experience: After the Wapadsberg experience, I felt a deep sense of connection to Mr. M and his dreams. Being in the place where he aspired to be a teacher made me understand him on a different level and appreciate his journey.

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