Decide whether each sentence is True, False, or Not Given.
1. In Taiwanese capital, there are a few of bike shops and Tom Tsais' was the largest. -- please select -- ✓
2. Most of Tom Tsai's customers come to the shop for information about the products.
- please select -- v
3. Riding a bike through the city helps Tom Tsai in his work. -- please select --
4. Bike Paradise mainly focuses on selling products and providing the product information. - please select --
5. Bike Paradise offers customers more than just a product. -- please select --
6. Tom Tsai also instructs his customers to maintain the products when using. -- please select -- v
7. Andy Chen has four stores on the island now. -- please select -- v
8. Veggies-and-More has more different products today than in 2008.
please select -- v
9. For his first shop, Andy advertised in a number of magazines and newspapers.
10. Volkswagen's advertising campaign for the Golf GTI was inexpensive but effective.
please select -- v
please select --

Answer :

Final answer:

The answer provides evaluations of sentences based on their truthfulness for a given scenario.


Sentence Truth Evaluation

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Not Given
  4. Not Given
  5. Not Given
  6. False
  7. False
  8. Not Given
  9. Not Given
  10. True

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