• Suggest two possible reasons on what might be the cause of a quicker response in the cit
and suburbs than in the rural and farm areas
(2x2) (4
From the information gathered through research and article readings, compile your
report. Use the guidelines provided
below to do your report.
(2x2) (4)
• Explain the impact of socio-economic factors on access to clean water.
Describe the role of infrastructure in providing access to clean water in both urban and rural
(2x3) (6)
• ASSESS possible long-term consequences of consuming contaminated water on food
(3x3) (9)
The role of local government in ensuring access to safe and clean water in communities
is crucial for promoting public health, sustainable development
, and social equity.
Evaluate the role played by the local government in ensuring access to safe and clean water
2x4 (8)
in communities.

Answer :

Final answer:

Socio-economic factors affect clean water access, contaminated water can impact food security, and local governments play a crucial role in ensuring safe water access.


Socio-economic factors impact access to clean water by influencing the ability of individuals or communities to afford water treatment systems or access to clean water sources. In urban areas, better infrastructure such as water treatment plants and distribution networks contribute to clean water accessibility. In rural areas, limited resources and infrastructure can hinder access to clean water.

Consuming contaminated water can lead to long-term consequences on food security such as agricultural produce contamination, affecting crop quality and yield, potentially leading to health issues and economic losses for communities.

The role of local governments in ensuring access to safe water involves implementing regulations, monitoring water quality, investing in infrastructure, and promoting public health initiatives. Evaluating this role is vital for assessing the effectiveness of local government actions in providing clean water to communities.

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