• State FOUR reasons why Grade 11s should start researching admission
requirements for their chosen higher education course as early as
(4X1) (4)
Natain good marks if they

Answer :

Final answer:

Starting early on admission research is essential for Grade 11 students to prepare for competition, meet requirements, explore options, and make informed decisions.


Starting research on admission requirements for chosen higher education courses early on is crucial for Grade 11 students for several reasons:

  1. Competition: Early research allows students to understand the competition for their desired courses and plan accordingly to meet admission criteria.
  2. Preparation: It gives students time to prepare for standardized tests, gather required documents, and work on any additional prerequisites.
  3. Exploration: Researching early helps students explore different universities, courses, and career paths, enabling informed decision-making.
  4. Decision-making: Early research aids in making well-thought-out decisions, reducing last-minute stress and ensuring a smoother application process.

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