Base your answer to the question on the passage below and on your knowledge of social studies.
This is an excerpt from the opening statement of Chief Prosecutor Robert H. Jackson at the trial of accused war criminals before the International Military Tribunal given
on November 21, 1945:
Under the clutch of the most intricate web of espionage and intrigue that any modern state has endured, and persecution and torture of a kind that has not been visited
upon the world in many centuries, the elements of the German population which were both decent and courageous were
annihilated [reduced to nothing]. Those which
were decent but weak were intimidated.
Nazis created positive controls as effective as their negative ones... on a scale never before known, stimulated the Party and Party formations with a permanent
enthusiasm and abandon such as we, democratic people, can work up only for a few days before a general election.
Source: Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 14 November 1945-1 October 1946
The techniques described by Chief Prosecutor Robert H. Jackson in this excerpt are similar to those used in which of the following?
A Martin Luther's 95 Theses
John Locke's Two Treatises on Government
Machiavelli's The Prince
Mao Zedong's Little Red Book