It is, alas, no longer possible for us to believe that by smashing Hitler and his regime we are striking at the root of the evil. Even while we do it, we are already
making plans for after the war, which will make the
state the arbiter of every individual destiny and will
place, inevitably, in Power's hands means adequate to the vastness of its task.
Can anyone doubt that a state which binds men to itself by every tie of need and feeling will be that much the better placed for devoting them all one day to the
dooms of war? The more departments of life that Power takes
over, the greater will be its material re-
sources for making war; the more clearly seen the services which it renders, the readier will be the answer to its summons. And will anyone be so bold as to
guarantee that this vast mechanism of state will never fall into the hands of a glutton of empire? Is not
the will to Power rooted deep in human nature, and
have not the outstanding qualities of leadership needed for the handling of a machine which goes ever
from strength to strength often had for companion
lust of conquest?
In this passage, the word "arbiter" means
A controller