Read the excerpt from "The Most Dangerous Game,"
by Richard Connell.
His foot touched the protruding bough that was the
trigger. Even as he touched it, the general sensed his
danger and leaped back with the agility of an ape. But
he was not quite quick enough; the dead tree,
delicately adjusted to rest on the cut living one, crashed
down and struck the general a glancing blow on the
shoulder as it fell; but for his alertness, he must have
been smashed beneath it. He staggered, but he did not
fall; nor did he drop his revolver. He stood there,
rubbing his injured shoulder, and Rainsford, with fear
again gripping his heart, heard the general's mocking
laugh ring through the jungle.
Compare the film adaptation of the scene to the text.
Which analysis best explains the effect of adding the
female character to the scene in the film adaptation?
She advances the plot. Having her run through the
jungle moves the events of the story along.
She serves a practical function. Using her bracelet
to create the trap makes it more realistic to the
She raises the stakes. Giving the audience another
character to care about increases the suspense
She balances the film by providing a woman's
perspective of the events that unfold in the jungle.

Answer :

Final answer:

Adding a female character in the film adaptation raises the stakes by increasing suspense and engaging the audience more.


The effect of adding the female character to the scene in the film adaptation is that she raises the stakes. By giving the audience another character to care about, the suspense level increases, making the scene more engaging and intense.

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