C. A-3, B=
2. Suppose plant and animal cell having same rate of metabolism and similar
physiology, in spite of these conditions, number of mitochondria are
more i
animal cells as compare to plant cell, what can be the best
reason to explain this
A. Animal cell is very dynamic
B. Animals is having only one source of energy
C. Animal cell is without cell wall
D. Animal cell is having small vacuole

Answer :

Final answer:

Animal cells have more mitochondria due to their dynamic nature and need for quick movement without cell walls, requiring more energy production through mitochondria.


The best reason for the higher number of mitochondria in animal cells compared to plant cells is that animal cells are more dynamic. Animal cells require more energy for quick movement due to the absence of cell walls and plasmodesmata, necessitating a higher number of mitochondria for energy production through cellular respiration.


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