James and Ginger just got married two months ago, not long after their college graduations. They both really like the area they’re in since it’s so close to many of the things they like to do. Ginger just started working as a 3rd grade teacher making $39,000 per year—and she is sure she’s going to love the school and the students. James is waiting to hear back from several places where he’s applied for jobs. In the meantime, he’s continuing his work as a server at a local restaurant where he brings home about $100–130 a night in tips. They have one car loan with just under $7,000 left to pay. They also have student loans: Ginger ended up with $32,000 in student loans, and James has $15,000 in student loans. Should James and Ginger rent a place to live or buy a house? Explain your answer.