Select the correct answer.
While Melissa was working at the factory, a heavy machine fell on her and broke her legs. Her
doctors say that she needs three months of complete bed rest to recover. Which benefit can
Melissa claim from the state?
O A. better working conditions
OB. more employment benefits
OC. higher wages
O D. unemployment insurance

Answer :

Final answer:

Melissa can claim unemployment insurance as a benefit from the state to cover her wages during her recovery period.


Unemployment insurance is the benefit Melissa can claim from the state after being injured at the factory and needing bed rest. This insurance provides financial support to individuals who are temporarily out of work due to various reasons, such as health issues.

In Melissa's case, since she cannot work for three months because of the accident, unemployment insurance would help cover her wages during this period of recovery. It serves as a safety net for workers who are unable to work temporarily.

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