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Remember 11: The Age of Infinity is an Adventure game, developed and published by CyberFront, which was released in Japan in 2009.


The game follows Cocoro Fuyukawa and Satoru Yukidoh, who frequently experience a phenomenon that makes their minds switch place with each other, putting them in the other person’s body. Cocoro is stuck in a blizzard in an emergency cabin on a mountain together with three other people, while Satoru is in an institute for the treatment of mentally ill criminals, having lost his memory. The player takes the role of Cocoro, and reads the story while occasionally making choices that affect the course of the story, attempting to keep her alive for seven days; after doing so, they are able to play through the seven days from Satoru’s perspective as well.

English Patch Info:

English patch by DreamBottle.

Update! Version 2.0:

  • -Fixed all crashes in TIPS!
  • Enhanced digit glyphs in the game font. Digits 2-9 will now look just as crisp, as the rest of the characters. (“0” and “1” were ok since v1.0beta)
  • Decreased spacing for white-space and comma. Text will be a little bit more dense now.
  • The scene text pre-processing script was rewritten, which should fix minor inconsistencies in text formatting.

Report any issues on GitHub.


Remember 11 is a visual novel in which the player makes progress by reading the game’s story. At certain points, they are able to pick one of a number of options, which affects the course of the game’s story, leading to different endings. The game takes place over the course of seven days, and the goal is to make choices that keep the player characters alive. At first, the player can only play through the game as the character Cocoro Fuyukawa; after surviving a week as her, they also get to play as Satoru Yukidoh. The game includes a “Back Jump” function which causes the game to start over from the beginning of the current scene. Various terms used throughout the game are explained in a glossary, referred to as the “TIPS” system.

Download Remember 11: The Age of Infinity English Patch PSP ISO

Remember 11: The Age of Infinity
Developer(s) KID
  • JP: KID, Success, Cyberfront
Director(s) Takumi Nakazawa
Artist(s) Hidari
Writer(s) Kotaro Uchikoshi
Composer(s) Takeshi Abo
Chiyomaru Shikura
Series Infinity
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation Portable
PlayStation Portable
JP: April 16, 2009
Genre(s) Visual novel
Mode(s) Single-player

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