Road Rash 3D (USA) PS1 / PSX High Compressed

Download Road Rash 3D PS1 Highly Compressed


The ultimate fight to the finish line! Road Rash returns in spectacular 3D! A full-contact, teeth-clenching blast on treacherous canyon ridges, high-speed freeways, and crowded city streets where twisted bikers tear through a gauntlet of combat racing.

All-new 3D world with 100 miles of interconnected roads. Motion-captured riders and responsive physics model for a true motorcycle feel. Four distinct gangs and 12 customized bikes. Close-combat attacks & weapons including chains & clubs. Original thrashin’ soundtrack with tunes from CIV, Full on the Mouth, Kid Rock, The Mermen, Sugar Ray, and The Tea Party!


Download Road Rash 3D PS1(PSx) High Compressed

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