Robo-Pit 2 (USA) PS1 / PSX High Compressed

Download Robo-Pit 2 PS1 Highly Compressed


Robo-Pit 2 is, like its predecessor, a fighting game where robots battle it out in an arena. The game starts with the player creating his own robot. The player can use 146 different parts and 72 colours to create a robot of his own taste. The different body parts that can be customized are head, body, arms and legs. Each body part has its own attack and durability ratings that determines how the robot will fare in combat.

Intergalactic Gladiators
– Robotic combatants compete in the ultimate battle
– Experience the future of gladiatorial combat
– Two robots enter the arena only one leaves


Download Robo-Pit 2 PS1(PSx) High Compressed

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