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Shining Blade (シャイニング・ブレイド Shainingu Bureido) is a role-playing game developed by Sega. It was released for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in Japan on March 15, 2012. A plan to revive the Dark Dragon by absorbing the spirit energy of the land throws the world into turmoil. The only way to counteract it is by retrieving the mysterious sword, the Shining Blade. A Soul Blader is then given the task and also has to find a diva who can sing the “Song of Mana.”


The game’s battle system is called “Concerto”, and is a strategic real time battle system similar to the ones found in Sakura Wars and Valkyria Chronicles. The player make use of swords, bows and magic in a battle system that places importance on character cooperation—hence the name “Concerto”. The player forms a party of up to five for battle. The game will have damage based on character position, and items collected upon defeating enemies.

The songstresses are special members of the player’s battle party. By performing their magic song, they can achieve various effects on battle—blocking enemies from moving, increasing characters’ move count, making hasten the party’s pace. Some songs can even be used for attack. Using the songs requires Mana Energy.

Download Shining Blade PSP ISO High Compressed

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