Star Ocean: The Second Story (Disk 1-2) (USA) PS1 High Compressed

Download Star Ocean: The Second Story PS1 Highly Compressed


Like its predecessor, Star Ocean: The Second Story is a Japanese-style role-playing game with action-based battles. Combat takes place in an arena that allows player-controlled characters to chase down or run away from enemies, as well as unleash special moves that damage any enemies in a large area of effect. Characters can learn various skills during the game, and become an expert alchemist, blacksmith, scientist, etc. They can also produce their own items (like for example making armor from iron ore if the character has the appropriate skill).


Download Star Ocean: The Second Story PS1(PSX) High Compressed

Disk 1:
GoogleDrive | OneDrive | GarudaFile [296MB]

Disk 2:
GoogleDrive | OneDrive | GarudaFile [399MB]


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