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Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron is a third-person shooter video game, part of the Star Wars: Battlefront series released November 3, 2009 on the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable.


Star Wars Battlefront is back and bigger than ever on the PSP system and Nintendo DS! Releasing this Fall, Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron is the deepest and most action-packed Star Wars Battlefront game ever. Experience battlefronts that span ground, space and capital starships, a robust original storyline and expanded gameplay features that deliver seemingly endless replayability.


Elite Squadron allows players to participate in combat on foot, in ground vehicles or in space. Players are also able to enter capital ships and, once the shields are down, fight the enemy inside on foot. The ground-space transitions are accompanied by short cutscenes while the game loads the next area. The same is also true of entering or exiting a capital ship. This is the first Battlefront game to allow players to fly from ground to space battles. The consequences of each battle will depend on the players actions, meaning that each individual enemy killed can affect the outcome of a result.

Download Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron PSP ISO

Star Wars Battlefront:
Elite Squadron
Developer(s) Rebellion Developments(PSP)
N-Space (DS)
Publisher(s) LucasArts
Producer(s) Jaime Valls Enriquez (PSP)
Scott Kiraly (DS)
Designer(s) Andrew Haith (PSP)
Brendan McLeod (DS)
Programmer(s) Richard May (PSP)
Rick Marino (DS)
Artist(s) Daniel Meeuws (PSP)
Writer(s) Paul Mackman (PSP)
Series Star Wars: Battlefront
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS
  • NA: November 3, 2009
Genre(s) Third-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

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